Softworks Flexitime

With the on-going debate between quality of work-life balance and meeting the needs of the business raging, organizations are asking themselves, are we responding to the ever changing demands of the evolving work environment? The Softworks Flexitime solution in the right hands can drive productivity and profitability through greater visibility and control of your largest cost base and most valuable asset – your people. 

Softworks Flexitime is a “Win Win” for both the Organisation and the Employee and can:

  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Remove or Reduce Overtime
  • Benchmark KPI’s and Targets
  • Lower labour Turnover
  • Eliminate the Concept of lateness
  • Automate vacation and time off requests & approvals
  • Provide a “Competitive Advantage” - Incentive to attract higher calibre of staff
  • Achieve an Instant ROI – Effectively a no-cost benefit with HUGE potential for savings
  • And more, lots more.... 
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