Why Current Absenteeism reduction policies alone will "Never" work & how the latest in technology may just hold the answer! - Free Webinar

Dates & Time - Please feel free to invite a colleague/friend

To cater for our international audience and different time zones, we are offering a choice of dates and times.  Listed below are the local times in London and New York. 

Choice 1 - Wednesday 18th July - 10am London / 5am New York 

Choice 2 - Thursday 19th July - 4pm London / 11am New York

Not sure what time this is in your city? Click here for a Time Coverter

 Key learnings of this session include;

  • How to calculate “true” costs of absenteeism
  • How to put policies in place and ensure all legal obligations are met
  • Why the current policy driven approach alone will “never” work
  • How the latest innovation in technology may just hold the answer
  • How to send a positive message and build a platform for future growth

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